Endocrinology is a branch of biology and medicine dealing with the endocrine system, its diseases, and its specific secretions known as hormones. It is also concerned with the integration of developmental events proliferation, growth, and differentiation, and the psychological or behavioral activities of metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sleep, digestion, respiration, excretion, mood, stress, lactation, movement, reproduction, and sensory perception caused by hormones. Specializations include behavioral endocrinology and comparative endocrinology.

The endocrine system consists of several glands, all in different parts of the body that secrete hormones directly into the blood rather than into a duct system. Hormones have many different functions and modes of action; one hormone may have several effects on different target organs, and, conversely, one target organ may be affected by more than one hormone.

Endocrinology also involves study of the diseases of the endocrine system. These diseases may relate to too little or too much secretion of a hormone, too little or too much action of a hormone, or problems with receiving the hormone.


  • Management of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) – Type 1 DM, Type 2 DM, neonatal and childhood diabetes, diabetes in pregnancy (gestational diabetes mellitus) pancreatic diabetes, drug induced diabetes, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic foot problems, other diabetic complications, evaluation of hypoglycemia etc.
  • Tooth colored filling or silver filling on teeth
  • Management of Thyroid disorders
  • Management of Reproductive Endocrinology (Female) – Polycystic ovary disease (PCOD), hirsutism, acne, menstrual disorders – amenorrhoea, oligomenorrhoea, infertility, galactorrhoea, menopausal problems, Turner syndrome, etc.
  • Management of Reproductive Endocrinology (Male) - Infertility, erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, gynecomastia, poor facial hair growth, small sized penis, Klinefelter syndrome, etc.
  • Management of Pituitary disorders
  • Management of Adrenal disorders
  • Management of Pediatric disorders – Short stature, tall stature, delayed puberty, early (precocious) puberty, Down’s syndrome, etc.
  • Management of Disorders of sexual development (DSD) in children – genital abnormality in neonates and children (genital ambiguity), small sized penis, undescended testis, hypospadias in males, sexual identity disorders, transgender, clitoromegaly, single perineal opening in females, gonadal tumors, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, etc.
  • Management of Bone and parathyroid disorders –osteoporosis and fractures, bone problems in chronic renal failure, Vitamin D deficiency, rickets and osteomalacia, etc.
  • Management of Metabolic disorders – Obesity, cholesterol problems, hyperlipidemia, pediatric obesity
  • Management of Electrolyte disturbances
  • Management of Cancers – Thyroid tumors, adrenal tumors, pituitary tumors, parathyroid tumors, neuroendocrine tumors, pancreatic tumors, insulinoma, gastrinoma, glucagonoma, carcinoid tumors etc.
  • Management of Emergencies – Diabetic ketoacidosis – adult and pediatric, hypoglycaemia, Addisonian crisis, hypertensive emergencies, carpopedal spasms, hypokalemic paralysis, etc.

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