Health Checkup Department


Health Checkup Department

The general Health Check-up examination is a common form of preventive medicine involving visits to a general practitioner by well feeling adults or a child on a regular basis. This is generally yearly or less frequently. It is known under several other names, such as the periodic health evaluation, annual physical examination, comprehensive medical exam, general health check, or preventive health examination

Today’s sedentary lifestyle, Lack Of exercise, Unhealthy Diet, pollution has resulted in various types of diseases PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE! Our customized health check-up packages are designed according to Age, Gender, Family History, Life Style, and current status of one’s health. It promotes good health and early detection of health problems.

Our highly qualified team of doctors & Paramedical staff with latest high-end technology provides proper diagnosis of all medical conditions. Regular health exams and tests is one of the best way for early detection of illnesses and to get right health service and treatments.

The Health Check-up department is located on 1st floor that is in close vicinity of OPDs & Diagnostic Area and is open from 7 AM to 8 PM

All health check-ups are conducted only by prior appointment. You can book an appointment by:

Kindly Note that health check-ups department work for all days except Sunday & Public Holidays. Kindly inform us in case of cancellations of your appointment before 24 hours.

Preparation Before Check-up

  • All Health Check-up are done through prior appointment. Please report Health Checkup Department on 1st Floor 15 minutes before time given to you.
  • Wear loose clothing and easily removable footwear
  • You are advised not to have any type of food or drink except water before 12 hours of health check up Do not have alcohol 24 hours prior to Health Checkup
  • The plastic containers given to you must contain your morning urine, Kindly collect the urine sample.
  • Please have your antihypertensive & other essential drugs as per schedule except anti-diabetic medication or insulin, which should be taken before/with breakfast after the collection of fasting blood sample at Health Checkup department. Bring all your current prescribed drugs, Medical records (1-3 Years) and medical accessories like glasses, hearing aid with you for reference.Avoid wearing contact lenses two days prior to the health check if it includes an ophthalmology consultation

Special Guideline for Women:

  • Don’t undergo health checkup during menstruation
  • Please inform us if you are pregnant that certain tests are contraindicated orto be done with precautions.
  • The PAP Smear Test for females cannot be done during Menses (Periods) and is advised for women of all ages, who are sexually active
  • Mammography is recommended for women above 40 years, preferably along with breast ultrasound
  • Women with an ongoing menstrual period, should postpone the health check-up as urine examination and Pap smear test results will not be accurate.

Process of health Checkup

  • On Day 1 Approximate time check-up process is around 3 to 5 hrs. On day 2 Collection of all your report & follow-up consultation will be done. Consultant doctor will explain you all the reports and give you important advice and medications (If required). No fitness certificate or medical clearance certificate will be issued.
  • Health check-up starts around 7. 00 AM all days except Sunday & Public Holidays.
  • Health check-up staff will guide you complete route to different diagnostic areas for different tests as per your package.
  • Breakfast will be provided after Fasting blood and other samples.
  • You will be examined by our different specialist Doctors.
  • In case we are unable to carry out any test/s or consultation because of unforeseen reason/s, the same test/s will be carried out on some other working day as per your convenience but within 15 days of the date of Health check
  • We can provide additional tests/ blood investigations/Procedure/Consultations subject to availability of appointment. These will be billed separately in addition to the package Charges. Inform us in advance if you wish to undergo any additional tests

Our Affordable

Health checkup plans


Basic Health Check Up


Pre Employment Package


Little Champs Package


Women Cancer Screening


Basic Cardiac Package


Advance Diabetic Package


Advance Cardiac Package


Pre-Marital Male/Female Package


Senior Citizen Package


Well Men/Well Women Package


Executive Silver Package


Executive Gold Package


Executive platinum Package

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Body check-up reports are very reasonable and the staff is very helpful. Staff treats you with respect and doctors are also nice.

Akshay Patel

Best ever Hospital Loaded with Latest and Best Technology for cure of any disease..Doctors are expert in there specific field...Doctors and Staff is also very co-operative...Everything whether it`s checkup or Operation or any reports are too Good...Just The Discharge process after Operation is Very Disappointing and Slow as After The Checkup and Permission by Doctor sir the management department takes almost a day for Billing and other Process..It`s Very Ridiculous and Time Taking Process.

shubham jain

There`s a facility for each type of treatment, it is made by Patidar donation, so it is cheaper for each patient, it is made with international rules and regulations, it has helipad facility too. There`s a counter for Maa card (PM care). It has huge waiting area, cheaper medical stores, emergency department, neat and clean floor, cheaper healthy food Canteen and many more. It starts health check up campaign with discount price, they check each and every part of body in a nominal fee. It has presidential suite rooms, suite rooms, premium rooms and deluxe room facilities too. It has separate operation theatre on terrace for helipad patients. We are getting good service from some knowledgeable doctors like Dr Gohil (urologist), Dr Aalok Ranjan. Mr. Mathurbhai Savani who manage this hospital, I salute to him for his service, he understands patients economic conditions too.

Ankush Nakrani

Visited the hospital km regard with a full body health checkup and experienced fantastic services in all regards.

Anuraag Moturi

It was one of its kind of best experience…Health check up department is the best…Excellent

Riaz Peerbhoy

Health checkup department service r excellent..and staff r co operative

Leelaben Gopani

One of the best hospital in South Gujarat providing excellent healthcare services. Staff at Health Checkup Department is always ready to help. Specially the Geetaben approach is par excellence. May god keep her happy and healthy. Amen

Satyendra Shukla

Best in services as well as cleaning

Umesh Shah

Health checkup service is very good and staff behaviour is very excellent and doctors are very honest... And sunshine global, kokila Ben hospital are options but our choice is kiran hospital.We are very happy to visit this hospital

Bharti Mod

Amazing service health checkup department & good staff very all over caring person in Kiran hospital.

Milind Shah

Wonderful services at a very reasonable fees. I got baisc health check up here. Fully satisfied with the services they provide.

Nikita Patolia

Staff management is really well organised especially in health-check up department. They are always ready to help you and provide brief information about all the reports amd suggestions pf dtap by stap process. Nature of the all the staff members are exceptions you can ask any questions without hesitate.

Dhruv Mepani